Friday afternoon offered not only sunshine and Cypriote antiquities, but a good meeting with Mathias Bergendahl at Medelhavsmuseet. The museum is in the process of taking their digital and marketing strategy to the next level. They want to offer visitors an experience with a low threshold, where the different information channels – signs, website, audioguide etc. – interact sensibly and seamlessly, from the first image that meets you as you come into the museum.

Having seen an increase of 33% visitors in the last quarter, the museum is doing something right. Mathias puts it down to a new marketing strategy, coordinated together with the program and exhibition departments. Investing in moving image material, making well-produced films about the museums, and marketing these within strategic, short, time periods seems to have paid off.

Before proceeding with implementing their new guide app via our platform, the museum is considering how it will work with what is already in place. We couldn’t agree more with their reasoning and considerations:

  • What added value will the app give to visitors both before coming to the museum and while there?
  • How will the app be integrated/advertised on the website?
  • How will the app be advertised at the counter and differentiated from an existing audio guide for children, which costs 20 SEK?
  • How often will the app need to be updated with new guides: For every new exhibition and project or only for long term exhibitions?
  • How do we add a twist to this app: A quiz? An audio guide with a well-known speaker?

To make the most of a museum app, these are the types of questions we need to be thinking about! #firstthingsfirst