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Where Are the Vikings?

In April 2017 a new museum opened on the royal island of Djurgården in Stockholm, dedicated to the Viking Age and experiencing it in a fast, modern and interesting way. They wanted a guide solution that was easy to get started with and would match their graphic profile.

What We Did

With the Web App, which works perfectly full screen and on mobiles, the visitors can simply connect to the internet and without downloading anything be on their way. The app was designed to match the graphic profile of Vikingaliv, ensuring integration with their website etc. OnSpotStory also provided translation services and audio recording for the content of the guide.

  • Easy for the visitors to get started
  • Customised design of the Web App
  • Audio guide recording
  • Swedish to English translations

A Not So Secret Garden…

In 2017 the botanical garden in Gothenburg wanted to up their game and provide their loyal visitors with an audio guide that could take them on specific tours as well as guide them to points of interest in the area.

What We Did

With an own app, that Göteborgs botaniska named and designed, visitors could visit the App Store/Google Play and download it. The app provides the visitor with several walks around the garden, as well as information about the duration of each section of the guide and how to get to the next point of interest. In addition, the app gives the garden-stroller relevant information such as where bathrooms and restaurants are located. All the content is easily administrated through the content management system (CMS).

  • Own App
  • Tours
  • Information points
  • Content management system

Catering to different types of visitors

The Swedish History Museum has a wide audience with visitors from around the world. They wanted a simple and efficient system that would guide different types of visitors through their exhibitions.

What We Did

Historiska has an all-encompassing solution: For visitors that prefer using their own mobiles, they can easily connect to the web app. If the visitor prefers to put away their phone during the visit, they can use the PLUS unit instead, a device handed out at reception. The museum especially appreciated that our solution came with a single CMS (content management system) for all their guides, which they could easily use to modify any guide content.

Accessing the Archipelago

Defence Arch-Stories of the Coastal Past is a recently launched project aimed at developing and promoting the coastal region around Sweden, Finland and Åland.  The project started in 2016 and will run until 2019, with the first destination released in summer 2017.

What We Did

Together with the different actors running the project, a new app was created, giving tourists the opportunity to experience cultural heritage in parts of the Swedish and Finnish archipelago. We very efficiently moved from ideation to reality and had the first version of the app up and running within a month of starting the process.

“This really works! These kinds of apps that I have previously seen, have not been as practical and easy to use – well done!”  – Hanna Yliatalo, Project Manager Defence Arch

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