Get Your Map On

We don’t have favourites. Well, that’s a lie- of course we do. And when it comes to personalised maps, we really like Coastal Past’s illustrations.

Maps – What’s the Story?

If you have an own (native) app, you have the option of customising your map or using a Mapbox link. Using a Mapbox link means you have an existing map “base”. You can, however, choose what information the map should include, such as names of places and types of roads. Also, you have the option of changing colours and icons.

If you want to really brand your app according to your graphic profile – something increasingly important in this day and age – we recommend adding your own map to the app. You (or someone you hire for the job) create a scalable map image, according to your brand, and overlay this image on top of the existing map. This adds to the feel of the app and makes it truly your own.

A tip is to blur/feather the edges of the map to create a smooth transition at the edges of the image, where it meets the underlying map. The third image in the sequence above is zoomed out and illustrates the two map images on top of each other.

Here is a link to Satu Cozens who illustrated the Coastal Past maps.

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