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Rabbie’s do small group bus tours around magnificent Scottish, Welsh, Irish and English landscapes. They wanted to create a multilingual GPS triggered audio app to complement their tours. Rabbie’s felt it was important to reach out to non-English speakers with their fantastic stories, taking visitors beyond the guide books.

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screenshot rabbies app
screenshot rabbies app
screenshot rabbies app


Rabbie’s has visitors from around the world. However, a significant number of the visitors cannot speak English and therefore not able to fully enjoy all their “on the road” driver-guide stories. The most important part of Rabbie’s vision is to bridge the language gap for non-English speakers, as Chinese tourists make up a significant part of Rabbie’s foreign customer base.

The app needed to work all over the UK and Ireland, including in remote areas where wifi isn’t available. Therefore it was important for Rabbie’s to have a solution that could function offline.


Rabbie’s knew that they wanted an app and that it needed to be in Chinese. They produced the content, focusing on audio and storytelling. OnSpotStory assisted in adding all of the content in the editing system. We also added GPS-triggers to the locations in the guides. This means that the audio tracks starts automatically when you are within a specific area.

Users can download the guides and access them offline. 

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The app provides our mandarin-speaking customers with a reason to choose our tours over a competitor’s. All the feedback we received was exceptional.

David Scott, Content & Brand Manager at Rabbie’s Tours