The Viking Museum – Vikingaliv

In April 2017 The Viking Museum – Vikingaliv opened on the royal island of Djurgården in Stockholm, a museum dedicated to the Viking Age and experiencing it in a fast, modern and interesting way. The museum wanted a solution that was easy for visitors to get started with and would match their graphic profile. It was also important for it to be available in many different language as they have visitors from around the world.

Viking museum logo


The Viking Museum – Vikingaliv is an indoor museum. It is not a huge location and has a well-functioning internet connection. They wanted a long-term solution that would cater to a large audience, especially tourists visiting from abroad.

As wanting to appeal to many different types of visitors was essential, Vikingaliv wanted a solution that would be very simple to get started with. The audioguide would offer visitors more freedom and be a complement to their existing guided tours. As the museum was new and had recently invested in branding and advertising, it was important that the guide would integrate seamlessly with their existing visual identity.


The Viking Museum – Vikingaliv chose to use a web app for their audioguide. Without needing to type in a URL or download anything, visitors can get started just by connecting to the internet. At the museum there is a router adjustment in place, which means that when a visitor connects to their wifi, the audioguide automatically appears on the screen.

The web app matches the graphic profile of The Viking Museum – Vikingaliv. The guide is available in nine different languages, which means they can reach out to many international visitors and offer information to them in their preferred language. OnSpotStory assisted with translation work and professional audio recordings for the guide.



The audioguide means we can reach out to so many people with the story we want to tell.

Tora Larsdotter, The Viking Museum – Vikingaliv