Photograph: Liselotte Persson

Lerum Municipality

Lerum, a municipality not far from Gothenburg, has beautiful nature and plenty of tourist attractions to offer young and old visitors. They wanted an app as a way to gather different experiences in one place.

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Lerum wanted a digital platform that could easily be updated, enabling them to add digital experiences continuously.

It was also important that the app would offer something for families and different ages – content that visitors can learn something from and also enjoy.

Another aspect to consider was being able to present what the municipality has to offer in different languages.


Creating the app ‘Lerum Live’ was a given as it meant they could collect different experiences in one place. As a result a platform for digital experiences was created, enabling visitors to view Lerum’s attractions from new perspectives.

One way to bring new life to places in Lerum was by adding gamification to their app. The Lerum Live app has engaging guides with quizzes aimed at children as well as guides focusing on nature for adults.

Through the app, Lerum is able to offer content in English, something which is essential when catering to visitors from abroad.

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The focus of the ‘Lerum Live’ app is to digitally enhance our attractions. Together with the website, signs and guided tours, it is a natural part of how to experience local attractions in different ways.

Maria Jerenvik, Business Developer at Lerum Municipality