What is Augmented Reality?

AR is short for augmented reality and can be described as adding a digital filter to reality. The technology uses the smartphone’s camera to show users images, 3D objects, graphics etc., which are not actually there in reality.
Use AR to:

  Show objects or people  layered on top of reality.

  Show future visions or how it looked in the past.

  Create treasure hunts.

hands holding tablet showing AR of accomodation

The Benefits of AR

With AR in your app you can enhance the experience by showing completely new perspectives. AR can bring life to places where there isn’t as much to see on location. Let visitors travel in time, explain how a masterpiece was created, or visualise how something works.

Apps with AR create a wow experience for visitors, which will make them keen on talking to others about their experience, creating a buzz around the place.

How Does It Work?

There are many possibilities when using AR in your OnSpotStory app. There are different ways of triggering an AR occurrence:

  Location-based AR: Using GPS the app triggers specific AR content when a user is at a specific location. This is what the game Pokemon Go uses.

  Marker-based AR: In these case the app triggers when a specific visual marker is found, such as an image, sign, object or QR code. The visitor uses the smartphone’s camera to scan a marker.

  Surface-based AR: AR occurrences are triggered by finding a surface such as a table, floor or street. This is what the IKEA Place app uses.

Regardless of what type of AR you choose, you can cause different things to happen:

  An image or graphic is shown.

  A film or audio track begins playing.

  A 3D object is shown, visible from all angles by moving the phone around it.

  A quiz question is shown.

Get Started with AR!

Every AR project is unique and the price for producing AR specific content varies depending on how advanced 3D renderings, animations etc. need to be.

We are with you all the way, from finding the right solution for your idea to executing and launching it.