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What We Do

OnSpotStory uses mobile phone technology and the web to provide visitors with guides about everything under the sun, from cultural exhibitions to historical monuments and tourist attractions. The information in your guides is linked to specific locations using  GPS, Beacons, Augmented Reality and QR-code technology.

We have seen and understood the need to be able to offer your visitors different types of experiences in different situations and have come up with solutions that meet the demands of the market using our apps and PLUS units.

How it Works

Your guide can include sound, video, text and images. Our experienced team
will gladly assist you with content creation if you like.


You can present your guide in a variety of ways with our different apps or PLUS units.

Own App

A full feature experience in your own app. Having your our own app gives you the freedom of designing and naming you app and allowing customers to download it from the Google Play or App Store, helping you increase brand awareness.

  • Customized design
  • Available in Google Play or App Store
  • Offline access
Suitable for

– Branding is important to you
– Outside Walks using GPS

OnSpotStory App

Make your guide downloadable through the Onspotstory App from Google Play or App Store for free. This option enables users to receive notifications about their favourite museums, share text and images via social media and download  guides for offline access.

  • Share text and images
  • Offline access
  • Download for free
Suitable for

– Outside Walks with GPS
– Join a guide community

OnSpotStory Web App

You can access our web application from any device connected to the internet. A quick and easy option, the Onspotstory Web App lets you custom design your guide and use special features such as locking access to a guide and implementing a payment method.

  • Receive payment
  • Custom design
  • Restrict user access
Suitable for

– You have Wifi
– You like it easy

OnSpotStory PLUS

Onspotstory Plus is an all-inclusive solution that replaces the traditional audio guide device with a modern smartphone. You can lend or rent this unit to your visitors and have the option of using a Tour-Mate case for protection and a charging station.

  • All-inclusive device
  • Protecting case
  • Charging station
Suitable for

– Not the best wifi situation
– Lend your visitor a device


In addition, you can spice up your guide with games and custom solutions.


With gamification  you can move towards a new and immersive cultural heritage experience by accessing, re-using, transforming and reconstructing information.

Custom Solutions

Our custom solutions develop and deliver systems that are designed to meet the demands of specific business goals.


You can easily make changes to your guide with our content management system (CMS).


When you become an OnSpotStory client, we’ll provide you with a login and password for the OnSpotStory system. This system allows you to easily upload and edit all the information (sound, images, videos, text, locations etc.) about your guide/s. In addition, you can view statistics about the number of downloads or ‘listens’ your guide has. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our free support.


Press play! Your guide is ready to take you places – our technology enables both indoor and outdoor exploring.


So, what does it cost? Use our price calculator to get an estimate of the cost for your guide/s.

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