The Swedish History Museum

The Swedish History Museum (Historiska museet) has a wide audience with visitors from around the world. They wanted a simple and efficient system that would guide different types of visitors through their exhibitions. The museum also wanted to implement a payment method for the guides.

onspotstory audio guide devices


The Swedish History Museum, like many others, is indoors. It’s a large space with a solid audience made up of school children, tourists and history enthusiasts.

The museum was looking for a long-term solution which was sustainable and had an straight-forward editing system to easily update content. 

Due to certain rooms in the museum having thick walls, disturbances to the wifi connection can occur which is something OnSpotStory took into consideration. 


OnSpotStory created an all-encompassing solution for Historiska: visitors who prefer using their own mobiles can simply connect to the web app. This means they simply enter a URL in their smartphone browser, without having to download anything. If the visitor prefers to put their phone away during the visit, they can use the PLUS-unit instead. This is a device available at museum reception which works without being connected to the internet. Visitors pay for the guides at the entrance by purchasing a single code voucher which unlocks the content.

The museum especially appreciated that our solution came with a single CMS (content management system) for all their guides, which they could easily use to modify any guide content.

OnSpotStory has assisted the museum with audio recordings, speakers and translation of material.



The audioguide has given the exhibition another dimension. It’s very moving to listen to the voices of survivors speaking about their experiences.

Susanna Zidén, Project Manager at The Swedish History Museum, about the exhibition ‘Speaking memories’