Adding a quiz to your app is a great way to get visitors enthused and offer something that appeals to young and old. As well as this, it’s a way of sparking an interest in what’s around you. With the right incentive (getting an answer right) we are more likely to engage!

We are not surprised an increasing number of customers are asking about the quiz feature and wanting to gamify their apps. As a result the last month has seen some significant improvements to the quiz both in terms of UI and UX.

Basically, this is how it works:

  • Add a quiz to a guide, one multiple choice question per location
  • Choose whether to get the answer straight away or after completing all the questions
  • Choose what colours and images you want to use for the quiz
  • There’s a progress bar letting you know how many questions you’ve answered 😉
  • See your result when you’ve completed all the questions

Want to learn more about the quiz? Get in touch

For an idea of how to implement quizzes, check out the app Lerum Live (currently only available in Swedish):

Lerum Live for iOS
Lerum Live for Android