Photographer: Öyvind Lund

The benefits of an app

Our apps are used by over 800 tourist destinations and museums and we know what is needed to spark engagement.

With our customisable features and functions the guides become so much more than your average guided tour. You can add a quiz, video content, audio or perhaps an AR (augmented reality) experience ?

Thanks to the app platform created by OnSpotStory, we can offer a reliable and tested product at an affordable price. You can then choose which functions you want to add, making your app even more unique and attractive.

We are with you from start to finish, helping you make the right choices based on your needs and wishes.


Tailored for Different Types of Visitors

We have noted that the interest for niche experiences is increasing and that offering a personalised experience is important within the travel industry.

With OnSpotStory’s apps you can create a tailored experience which engages your visitors. It’s easy to adapt the content according to different target groups and themes e.g. by offering guides for children.

Engagement Made Easy

We believe in the magic of stories. In combination with using gamification this is a great way to stand out. In the OnSpotStory apps, you can add images, video, 360-content and a quiz to every location in a guide. There are endless amounts of great stories out there – which ones do you want to tell, and how?

Show Visitors the Way

Make it easy for visitors to find their way. Using GPS and a map visitors get an overview of the area e.g. hiking routes, cafés and tourist attractions. The map can be styled to match the graphic profile of your destination. Learn more

Speak Your Visitors Language

An increasingly global world means there are more demands on communicating in multiple languages. Being able to offer your visitors information in their preferred language is important. With our apps you can add content in any language.

Offer In-depth Information

Sometimes everything you want to say doesn’t fit onto a sign or website. In our apps, you have free reign over how in-depth you want to be.

All the guide apps support text, audio, video and image content.

A Holistic Perspective

In order to do the fantastic destinations  justice, good logistics, a memorable experience and information about the different parts of the experience need to be combined – before, during and after the visit.

We realise that the social aspect is important for visitors too. It’s not about walking around on your own staring at your phone. Rather, it’s about finding a way to connect the virtual and the physical world.

Create Engaging Experiences