The Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (GIBCA) is here! We are happy to have a small part in GIBCA this year, creating the pinkest, most art-packed OnSpotStory app to date 🙂

The biennial team have done a really great job making the app fit their unique graphic profile, using custom map markers, fonts and colours throughout the design. 

Get your art on

The app offers tours of each of the biennial’s exhibitions with information about artists and their works. The event calendar feature is used for the programme of the biennial, keeping visitors up to date with art events such as film screenings and workshops.

Can your phone become a museum?

Visitors can also use the app to listen to sound works connected to specific places and eras in Gothenburg’s history. The app enables art enthusiasts to spend time with artworks at their leisure and pace, choosing when and where to listen. As posed to us by the team at GIBCA, “Can your phone become a museum?”

Dates for GIBCA: 7th Sept. 2019 – 16th Nov. 2019

Download the app here