lion sculpture being photographed
two badges with illustrated lions

The Swedish History Museum– Augmented Reality

Find a Friend For the Lonely Lion

At the end of 2019 the museum launched a new guide for children, which uses AR (augmented reality). The mission of the guide is to find a friend for the Pireus lion, a large stone sculpture in the entrance of the museum.

During the course of the guide the kids meet odd, eccentric, wonderful objects, all with a connection to Swedish History. Once they’ve completed their mission a small surprise awaits them in the reception – they become a “friend of the lion” and receive a pin with an image of the lion on it.

The Swedish History Museum also has an overall audioguide solution – you can learn more about it here.

What is AR?

AR is a term that can imply a variety of different techniques and functionality. In this case, visitors are lent an audio player in the reception of the museum. The players have an OnSpotStory app built into them, with which you can use AR. As a result, the app can recognise images or objects. When a specific image (or object) is identified by the camera, this triggers specific content in the app.

Visitors point the device’s camera towards different objects and in this way “scans” them. Consequently, when the right object is found, it unlocks and begins to play an audio track.

By listening to the audio the kids get clues to where the next object is located!



I appen Lerum Live ligger fokus på att förstärka våra besöksmål digitalt, och bildar tillsammans med webb, skyltning och bokade guidningar en naturlig palett av hur du kan ta del av lokala upplevelser på olika sätt.

Maria Jerenvik, Näringslivsutvecklare på Lerums kommun