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This guide was made during the conference days in Sigtuna, Sweden 2013. An example how interpretation may be distributed. Our platform makes it easy to launch handheld presentations, either as a complementary support for existing displays, or where there are no exististing interpretations in place. By gps-navigation the visitors get the right information at the right spot.

Please enjoy this demonstration!

Sigtuna is a popular destination because it has so much to offer visitors from all over the world. It was founded more than 1000 years ago, around 980. It’s the oldest town in Sweden and still called a city – its centre still looks as it did a few hundred years ago. Archaeologists have discovered the long history of Sigtuna and visitors enjoy seeing historic ruins and unique rune stones next to picturesque buildings. Runic inscriptions use a distinctive alphabet adopted before the Latin one. Sigtuna museum has recently started a project of redevelopment and renewal with the aim of developing a museum ‘without walls’ where the indoor interpretation complements interpretation outdoors.

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