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Kampala (Uganda) Tourist Site

Kampala (Uganda) Tourist Site

Kampala has plenty of sights worth seeing. Mengo Palace, in the old Buganda area, offers remnants of torture chambers set up by Idi Amin during the nineteen seventies.

The Uganda Museum gives insight into the country’s path to the current day.

The Martyrs’ Shrine in the Namugongo suburb tells the story of the first Christian converts and attracts pilgrims from across East-Africa.

The Gaddafi Mosque, funded by the former Libyan leader, is the second largest mosque on the entire continent and offers a unique view of Kampala. The city is also host to Africa’s only temple of the Bahai-faith, a small religion that has one temple on every continent. 

To move from A to B, most people take one of the very many taxi buses known as matatus. The central station, the Old Taxi Park, also known as Old Car Park, is also worth visiting.

Enjoy Kampala, enjoy the guide!