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Tre synsätt på Stockholm

Tre synsätt på Stockholm

This guide takes you to seven different places that all symbolize important aspects of Stockholm’s innovation system.

The tour starts at Norrmälarstrand and tells you, among other things, about Stockholm’s waters, buildings, transports and waste.

Did you know that:

  • All litterbins on the Maria Square are connected to a “vaccum waste management system” which transports the rubbish at a speed of 70 km/h through a closed underground system to a large shared waste storage area.
  • The travel time for 80% of the people living in Stockholm to get to work by bike is less than 30 minutes. If you ask Stockholmers it is mainly public transport and biking they want to invest in.
  • International comparisons show that the people of Stockholm are very happy with their green spaces. They do not only serve as recreational areas in which people enjoy hanging out, but also play an important role in the lives of city dwellers and the experience of living in a metropolis.