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City Hall of Stockholm

Joakim Eklås

City Hall of Stockholm

A guide about The City Hall of Stockholm from the exterior made by art historian Joakim Eklås.

Instruction: The guide consists by 7 spots with their viewpoints.

Point 1 is in the park close to the water where the balustrade opens. Please, look at the facade.

Point 2 is closer the facade to the left at the sculpture Målaren. Please, look at the facade.

Point 3 is beneath the City Hall Tower with your look at it, but even so at the old bridges wault and the sculpture Loki and then further away so you can see the sculpture on its collumn.

Point 4 is on the bridge at the east side of the tower, and the facade, the sarcophagus. From point 3 you take the stairs from the left side of the bridge, and upon that, turn left, and stand so you can see the facade, as well as the sarcophagus.

Point 5 is the north side and the big, black door. The way to this point leads from point 4 through the gate in wrought iron along the eastern facade. If the gate is closed you must go back to the park, through the aracade, the courtyard, and out through the waulted gate. Please, watch out for the bikers!

Point 6 is through the gate into the courtyard, and then to the arcade and its decorations.

Point 7 is the way through the arcade, along the facade against the park westwards and through iron gate to Ragnar Östberg plan and stops at the bust of the architect. Please, watch out for the bikers!