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Free museum audio tour app guide system

Our services are designed mainly for organizations who want to offer high quality guide material for guided tours in museums, self guided tourism, community information, history, culture and art.

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  • Up to five guides in OnSpotStory’s iPhone and Android app. One guide consists normally of 5-20 places (POI’s).
  • General description of the each guide, with text, images and links
  • Text, images, audio and video for each location (POI)
  • Locations and notification using maps and GPS-positioning
  • Locations and notification using IBeacons-positioning
  • Multi-language capability
  • Offline app functionality for foreign visitors and areas with poor radio coverage
  • Manage your own content via our Content Management System
  • Manage your own content
  • User statistics

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  • Marketing material
  • A telephone number for the dial-in service
  • Audio recording function on the telephone
  • Payment function via Smartphone
  • Payment function via Web App