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About OnSpotStory

What is OnSpotStory?

OnSpotStory uses mobile phones and the web to provide information for visitors in the form of guides about culture, historical places and other things worth seeing. This information is linked to a location and can include sound, images, text or video. OnSpotStory offers information solutions via our apps, QR code, our web app, the standard web or on the phone (dial-in service).

OnSpotStory is the leading Nordic company for mobile guides, with more than 1 800 individual locations.

Create your own guide

Create your own guide with sound, images, text or video.

Remember, making your guide interesting is the hard bit. The guide is the actual "product" - if the guide isn't very interesting, the rest doesn't matter.

OnSpotStory's primary objective isn't to create guide, but we can arrange contact with the authors, storytellers, playwrights and art historians that we work with.

Recording - voiceover artiste

Of course, how your guide is recorded is important as well - using a professional voiceover artiste who knows how to read a text without making it sound strained or artificial. Get in touch with us for handy hints and information on recording a guide and how to select a voiceover artiste.

You don't always have to record your guides in a recording studio - there are some good examples of guides recorded on a telephone. For instance, artists have used telephones to record guides on their own works of art.

Marketing material

Creating the guide and setting up all the technology are important elements, but it's easy to forget the last bit: making sure that visitors know a guide exists. Producing and formulating good marketing material can be a hard task. This is why we've created a complete marketing package that can be adapted to suit your guide. This material is included in the cost of the guide.

Would you like to get paid? Well, you can!

The use of smartphones and apps now allows you to get paid. You can set your own price. If you enable this function, visitors have to pay a set amount to be able to access your guide via the app. The apps are always free, but you can charge for your own guide. This is done by means of what's known as an "In App Purchase". Some of the money goes to Apple or Google.

Android and iPhone app

The OnSpotStory app is free to download from the App Store (iPhone) or Market (Android). You can use the app to listen to sound, view images, read text, view videos and use a map to find out where to go. The app can also alert you when you've arrived at a location.

For foreign visitors, it's important not to need data roaming because it's really expensive to use data on a foreign mobile. This is why the OnSpotStory app gives you the option of downloading all the information about the guide so you can use it in offline mode.

Multiple languages

The OnSpotStory service is designed to allow you to offer your guide in a number of languages if you like. When a visitor then selects your guide, he or she can select the language they want the guide to be in.

Web app

Technology is developing at a cracking pace. At present Apple (IOS) and Google (Android) are dominating smartphone operating systems. But things may switch to another major player really quickly, and not everyone has IOS or Android. For instance, some phones use Windows. This is why we've decided to develop a web app.

A web app is like a simple app, but it's actually a website customised for reading on a smartphone. The advantage of the web app is that there's no need to download an app and then select a guide. All you have to do is point your browser at the site, and then the site is displayed as if it were an app. But that said, some of the functions offered by the ordinary app can't be used. The web app is often used in combination with a QR code.

QR codes

People are becoming more aware of what QR codes are and how to use them. The advantage of QR codes is that it's easy to directly access information on a location if you have a smartphone. But visitors have to have a QR code reader installed on their smartphone and know how it works. When you read a QR code, this takes you directly to the information for the location via the web app. Creating a QR code is easy and free.

Dial-in service

When a visitor dials in, the guide is played back over the phone. Every location has a special code which the visitor keys in. The OnSpotStory dial-in solution doesn't require an app or have any other special technical requirements. This means that even the simplest mobile phones can be used. If you can make a phone call, you can use the service.

Easy administration via online account

When you become an OnSpotStory client, we'll give you a login with a password for the OnSpotStory system. This system allows you to easily upload and edit all the information about your guides. You can make your own changes to all sound, images, videos, text, location positions and so forth. You can also use your account to view statistics showing how many people have downloaded or listened to your guide. Just get in touch with our free telephone support team if you have any questions.

Link the guide to your own website

Once you've set up an OnSpotStory system, it's easy to add the function that allows you to listen to and view locations on your own website. The system gives you a link which you can paste to your own website.

What does it cost?

The cost is determined by how many locations you have and what services you want to use. Get in touch with us for a price.

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